For 6 years I’ve been trying to answer the question of what optimal human health actually looks like.


During this time I studied a year of Biomedicine & exercise physiology, took a 3-year degree in biology, got a nutrition advisor certificate & qualified for the World Champion Ships in SwimRun in a team with my dad.


What has bothered me the most is that we live in a time with more access to information (about health) than ever before, despite this we are sicker than ever.


I aim to change this. 


My mission is to change how our culture views health and help normal people be healthy within their context.


Being healthy is much more simple than what we think.


We need to understand some basic frameworks that are context-independent, meaning they can be implemented regardless of your current circumstances.


I write health advice that is actionable, easy to implement, and pragmatic – a.k.a, health advice that actually makes you healthier.


Advice does not need to be correct, right or perfect, it just needs to be better than the current advice you follow.


Read on, implement what you deem beneficial for you and decide for yourself. Are you healthier or not?