Health Is Simple.
But It Ain't Easy.

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Hi, I'm Max

I'm a biologist, over-educated PT, and nutrition advisor, but actually, just a human obsessed with human health.

I spent the last 6 years obsessively making my life better. The main focus has been on physical & philosophical health.

Now I use my unique perspective to write health (& sometimes life) advice that is actionable, easy to implement, and pragmatic.


How Hibernation Reveals The Mystery of Human Health

This is the unlikely story of how hibernation reveals the mystery that is human health (& disease).

Hacking The Status Game To Get What You Want

Playing the game of life on your terms will make you happier, healthier and more successful. It's time to design the game you play instead of playing a game that’s likely not for you.

Why Life Has To Be Hard

Has anything worthwhile ever been easy? If not, why are we constantly searching for the easy way out? A meditation on why life is so damn hard.

The Final Diet Boss: Intuitive Eating

Here's how you eat what you want, when you want, to get and maintain the body you want.

Eating More Protein Could Fix It All

Eating more quality protein could fix most of your health issues. Is it really that simple? Let's dive into the wonders of protien.

Grow Up & Eat Real Food

Let's gain a firm grip on why eating real food matters. To do so we need to, of all things, turn to the Zoos of the world.


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