Health Is Simple.
But It Ain't Easy.

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Hi, I'm Max

I'm a biologist, over-educated PT, and nutrition advisor, but actually, just a human obsessed with human health.

I spent the last 6 years obsessively making my life better. The main focus has been on physical & philosophical health.

Now I use my unique perspective to write health (& sometimes life) advice that is actionable, easy to implement, and pragmatic.


Making Food Make Sense

Our bodies are not perfect, but, they're trying their very best at keeping us healthy. Eating a diet that our bodies understand is key.

Your Body Is Confused By What You’re Eating

Food is information. If your body cannot understand what the food coming in is it will make mistakes. And biological mistakes or confusion leads to dysfunction.

You Are Doing Cardio Wrong

Most people doing cardio are shooting themselves in the foot. There are way more time efficient ways of getting the results we are seeking. Let's dive in.

4 Harsh Truths To Make You Healthy

4 uncomfortable truths that will force you to reshape your view on health. The world wants you to be more than what you are. Do what is necessary to grow.

How To Lose Weight (And Keep It Off)

The train more, eat less is for most people is terrible advice. All we need to do is help our body understand that it is worth being lean and sexy. 🙂

The Only Reason You Need to Get Into The Cold

Is cold water immersion healthy or not? After reading this it won't matter. A short post on why it is almost always worth it.


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